Welcome to Thinking into Character (TiC), our suite of transformational leadership programmes, designed for individuals like you, who want to discover new ways to achieve audacious goals. Taking the time to go through one of our programmes, and to read this text, means that you are already success orientated and you would like to further develop your thinking in order to reach the next level. We applaud your ambition and trust that one of our programmes will support you to reach your goals.

What is distinct about Thinking into Character programmes is the forward-looking approach that we take to human psychology. We believe that by shifting your thought processes, by developing a deeper insight into human psychology, and by developing a greater awareness of your own creative and intellectual faculties, you will be able to weather any storm, flourish in any context, and achieve the results you want. While others may be subject to circumstances, by adopting the principles that we will share with you in these programmes, you will create the circumstances that favour you and those around you to succeed.

Some of the features that you can expect to see in Thinking into Character programmes:

  • The underlining methodology that your thoughts are directly connected to your results, and that you can overcome negative or unwanted results through a shift in your thinking. We will share with you which thinking is essential for success (positive results that you want) and how to integrate that thinking into your psyche.
  • A range of exercises, resources and tools are included in our programme, designed to enable you to shift your perspective on yourself, or your capacities. These programmes will also enable you to provide some distance between your circumstances and your automatic behavioural responses. By inserting this space, you will be able to reframe and take full ownership of (and so have full responsibility for) your results.
  • An utilisation of the tools of practical psychology such as NLP and CBT to make shifts in your awareness that will leave you more confident, more motivated and more empowered psychologically. To this end we will also share with you an appropriate understanding of your own internal resources, and how these can be used to create results.